Community Support

Imberhorne School are proud of our fundraising efforts. Form Groups are encouraged to have their own Form Group Charity and organise at least one event per academic year to raise awareness and funds for them. In addition to this our Community Partnerships Team look for ways to connect the school to the local community with projects linked to local organisations which have included; West Sussex Family Services, Young Epilepsy at St Pier's School and local care homes to name a few.

Non Uniform Days:

Charitable fundraising is a regular activity for our students and staff across our five non-uniform days scheduled during the school year. Each one supporting a charity chosen by our Student Council. Our students are invited to wear non-uniform on these days in return for a suggested voluntary donation of £2.00 via ParentPay.


23rd September - Red Cross for Ukraine - £1600

18th November - Children in Need - £2800

9th December - Queen Victoria Hospital - National Elf Service - £920

20th January - Cancer Research UK - £1800

2021 - 2022:

24th September - Cancer Research £2058

19th November - Children in Need £1576

10th December - Queen Victoria Hospital - National Elf Service £1338

21st January - RSPCA  £1670.11

18th March - RND £2228 & Ukrainian Appeal £3419 

29th April - Young Epilepsy - £1691


18th September - Show Racism the Red Card  £1985

13th November - Children In Need  £2218

11th December - Queen Victoria Hospital - National Elf Service  £1161

19th March - Comic Relief  £2245

30th April - Pancreatic Cancer  £2176

11th June - WaterAid  £1307