Year 9 Options Process - Application Deadline Fri 19th Feb

KS4 Options Guide 2021

 From Thu 21st Jan - Options Presentation Videos available to parents, carers and students 

SIMS Options closed for entering options on Friday19th February

SIMS Options will not have given a confirmation. However, parents or students can log back in and view the choices made – that confirms the choices have been saved. Should a student wish to alter their options, a parent or carer should send a request to mjones [at] imberhorne [dot] co [dot] uk and he will make the change. We must stress that we need a parental request for changes, not an e-mail from the student. All parents and students will be sent a message to confirm choices and to ask parents who did not approve choices to register their support for their son/daughter’s options. This process should be completed by Friday 5th March.