Strategic Priorities

Imberhorne School continually reflects on ways we can improve and develop as a community. Schools are not static entities, they constantly evolve. Part of this process involves the formulation of school improvement plans. The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) are tasked with providing strategic direction for the school community. This is a collaborative process and involves consultation exercises with staff, students and parents. SLT work closely with the governing body to agree and finalise strategic priorities. 

Typically, when consulting over possible developmental initiatives we assemble staff working parties, sometimes these groups grow into CPD pathways as initiatives develop, this means more staff are involved and share thoughts and practice. Governors will frequently be attached to our working parties so they can be involved in the background thinking and discussion at an early stage. We also aim to consult our student council, their feedback is shared at SLT meetings.

Our latest school development plan is for the period 2023-2024.